Andi and Akitas

Hi and Welcome to Lanuwood Akitas. My name is Andi Horwood and I have been showing dogs, mainly Akitas for 9 years now.
I've been working with dogs for 17 years. My main interest is Behaviour and rehabilitating rescue dogs. I also run puppy classes for beginners so each owner can understand the behaviour of their dog better and train them to be acceptable members of society.

I am a Certified member of the Guild Of Dog Trainers.
I have owned dogs all my life and my fascination started with Rusty, our 1st ever dog. He was a gorgeous Brown and Tan mongrel who lived with us for 14 years. Jake came a few months after Rusty passed to fill part of the enormous gap. A lovely Collie/terrier cross. He left us in December 08. My 1st Akita experience happened whilst on work experience at Country House Kennels. A beautiful Silver and white bitch was booked in for boarding and I was fascinated with her. I would spend my lunch breaks cuddling her in her kennel and brushing her.
When I moved to Flitwick a few years later I lived with my 1st Akita. Kado, was mixed pedigree, (at the time there was no separate classification) stubborn, aloof and affected with SA.
I was the only one who could medicate him or trim his nails. I loved that dog and I think he respected me!?. We wanted a friend for Kado and I found an 8 month old black / white brindle bitch who was bred by Larry Stapleford of Mukoosa Akitas. "Kibo" became our dog and my 1st show dog. She wasn't the best but I did qualify her for Crufts and she was a fab Agility dog. Very loyal and obedient. Larry became a life long friend and mentor. DOGS FIRST, he would tell me. they must be sound in body and mind! Larry died of lung cancer on the 10th April 2008. I miss him every day. I still wanted an Akita to show properly so in 2002 I approached Sheena Clark of Anshee Akitas for my 1st puppy. Luna (Ch Anshee Monave Moonlight) came to me at 9 weeks old. I adored her sire and I just knew she would be special. Within 2 years Luna was a Champion! I was and am still in awe of this beautiful girl who now resides mainly on my bed being the queen.
She has taught me an immense amount more about this breed, I owe a lot to Luna.
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Thanks !
Andi Horwood